Academic Fraud Acknowledgment

As law enforcement officers the communities you serve, your department, co-workers’ family and friends expect you to act with honesty and integrity at all times and that includes online training. So do we.

Cheating and all forms of academic and attendance fraud are prohibited.

Academic and attendance fraud will put your law enforcement certification at risk as we are required to disclose fraudulent acts. You may be decertified for fraudulent academic behavior and in some places, also open to criminal charges. Nobody wants that so don’t do it. None of the content is designed to trip you up, quite the opposite.

Course content is broken into videos between 10 and 30 minutes long and requires you to be logged in and engaging with the course through activating video playback, periodic quizzes, scenarios, assignments, and final exams.

We are looking for your commitment and feedback to help make you a better law enforcement officer and enhance your career. If you have trouble with something, contact support so we can work through it together.


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We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for Academic Fraud Acknowledgment

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