Your Online Learning Environment

We’ve created a student quick start guide to help get you started and into the training.

We think it’s also good form to provide you with a reference guide in the event some portions of our system seem odd to you (like a scenario sometimes being referenced as a quiz). We also want those who are not so technologically savvy to have a fallback guide. 

Because we are approved to offer continuing education units through POST, many states have specific learning requirement for students and mandate the training provider do certain things. Most of those things are in the background and you won’t see them, however, some are forward facing and require interaction with the student – you.

One major thing is the academic fraud acknowledgment that comes before every course: read it. Then acknowledge it and move into training. 

Remember, if you run into any problems hit us up at

Let’s dive in. 

Table of Contents

Quick Login

Well, if you are here you’ve already gotten past this part, however we’d be remiss without mentioning you can quickly log into your student account from the home page. Once logged in you will be redirected to your account page. 

Quick Login

Student Account & Profile

This is ground zero, right after you login. It lists the courses you’re enrolled in, lists orders, contact preferences, certificates you’ve earned,  etc.

In the Your Courses section; click the down arrow and expand the course to see progress as shown below.  

Check it out, become familiar: you won’t break it. 

Student Profile

Course Progress

Clicking on the down arrow will present your progress in the course both as a percentage and as the number of steps finished (lessons/topics). It also shows quiz performance and statistics.

This updates realtime as you progress through the course. 

Your Courses: Progress

Student Forums

We don’t live in a vacuum and neither should you. Sharing is caring and everyone gets better through communication. That’s why we added the Student Knowledge Forums. 

Each course has associated forums you automatically have access to. Ask questions, get feedback and network. We reference them often in the courses so use them to build a better LE knowledge bank.

Student Knowledge Forums

Academic Fraud Acknowledgment

We take this seriously and so should you. It’s also one of those POST regulatory things and happens before every course. 

Nothing is worse for law enforcement than bad cops: don’t be one. If you are, or have squishy academic morals leave now. Let us know and you’ll get a refund. We don’t want dirty money. 

Academic Fraud Acknowledgement

Course Page and Course Content

On the course page you will see an interactive, expandable course content outline. It’ll show where you are in the course and your progress. 

This is another one of those regulatory things: you cannot jump ahead or around in a course. Each course needs to be taken in order, and all lessons completed before moving on. 

Course Outline - Content

The Training Environment

Once you click into a course, lesson or topic, you’ll be brought to the training environment. 

This area is specific and conducive to learning. We’ve dumped the flashy design elements so you can focus on the content and moving through the course. 

The system will show your progress as you go. 

Training Environment

The Mark Complete Button

This is a big deal. Seriously. 

All videos require you, the user to press play to ensure you are present and engaging in the course. This is another POST regulation so there’s no rolling the tape and coming back hours later. 

Once a video topic is complete, it will will auto forward to the next topic and mark the finished topic completed. As mentioned above, it will not auto start the next video.

 Occasionally, we provide you content that is not a video or requires additional interaction.

A Mark Complete button will appear at the bottom and the top of the training environment.

You cannot advance in the course and/or will not receive credit for that topic or lesson without marking it complete.

Mark Complete Button
Mark Complete Button

Quizzes, Scenarios and Final Exams

Here’s a peak behind the curtain:

In most, if not all of our courses, you will encounter the academic fraud acknowledgement, quizzes, scenarios, final exams and course feedback. 

The system handles the receipt of student feedback all the same: as a quiz.

Don’t be tossed off your game when you see the words ‘start quiz’ in a random spot like the fraud acknowledgment (shown, bottom right) or within a scenario (shown, middle right). 

Smile and move on.  

Quizzes, Scenarios and Final Exams
Quizzes, Scenarios and Final Exams
Quizzes, Scenarios and Final Exams

Final Words Before You Launch

We truly appreciate you taking time out of your life to better yourself, your career and your community and using us as a mechanism to do that. All of our courses were designed for classroom presentation but modified for an online audience: it’s the same stuff. 

We have worked extremely hard to provide you with up to date, relevant training content that is not a waste of time and enhances what you do. 

None of us at RTI are too serious to laugh and the courses are filled with humor (except sex crimes). Having been to a wee bit of training ourselves, we know how much it sucks to be talked at and do our best to include you in the conversation.

Keep in mind that we use explicit language and off-color humor to make a point or joke and to help with student engagement. 

You are a valuable member of our field and as such, request feedback and interaction to make ourselves and our courses better for you, the professional law enforcement practitioner. This way when we meet in the field on an incident, we are all up to speed. 

Revelations Training and Investigations
We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for Your Online Learning Environment