We believe that investigators and analysts must have the most cutting-edge and complete training to be prepared for the moment. The moment that a suspect decides to make a confession or to say nothing. The moment that makes the difference between a suspect walking away or being held accountable for the crime they have committed.

Our mission is to prepare the officers, deputies, troopers, investigators, prosecutors and victim witness coordinators  to be prepared for this moment. We do this by offering law enforcement training online accessible to all police staff with only an internet connection and a desire to be prepared. 

All of our courses are self-paced and require attendees to complete scenarios, quizzes, and a final exam ensuring student engagement and learning. 

Revelations Training and Investigations courses which are up to date with current law enforcement best practices and case law. 

Let us help prepare you and your department prepare for the moment.

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Proven techniques based on current law enforcement best practices and case law.

Course Feedback

Revelations Training and Investigations will increase your knowledge, make you laugh and turn you into a better law enforcement officer.

Here’s what your peers across the country are saying…

10/10.This is one of the better classes that I’ve taken in law enforcement. Most classes you can daydream through but I felt this class was put together well. Both of the instructors made it feel like they spoke to me and not at me.

(Sex Crimes Investigations)
10/10. Brought up a lot of good examples such as angles, use of light and how and why to use different angles, light, not using zoom and so on. It gave me a good basic overall idea of how to better take photos and paint a picture of what I see on crime scene also had a sense of humor and made it fun!

(Crime Scene Photography)
10/10. This is one of the better classes that I’ve taken in law enforcement. Most classes you can daydream through but I felt this class was put together well. Both of the instructors made it feel like they spoke to me and not at me. (Sex Crimes Investigations)​
10/10. Great guys, easy to follow along with. They have fun but still stay on topic. Looking forward to purchasing my next course.The ability to not have a set few days to jam the course in was huge for me. Knowing that at any time I could stop and pick up the course later, to not interfere with time-pressing cases, was awesome.

(Homicide & Death Investigations)
They (the instructors) seemed to genuinely enjoy the material and have a knowledge base with it – especially as it related to patrol/scene documentation. The course wasn’t too tech-heavy or dumbed down.

(Crime Scene Photography)
10/10. Excellent. The webinar had interesting information even for seasoned officer. I plan on forwarding an email to the rest of the department to let them know if the site.​

(Consensual Street Contacts Webinar)​
Y’all made me laugh throughout the course which was great. I even was telling my co-workers how great it was a few times when you made me laugh. It breaks any course up to be able to laugh a little. I appreciate the information and the ideas you shared throughout the class.
Deputy Sheriff
North Carolina
Five out of five. Ten out of ten. Full points. I thought that the instructors were both very knowledgeable and entertaining. Both qualities are crucial to keeping students interested while contributing to one’s learning/retention of the material. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues. I will be sharing some of the things I learned with them. (Wound Identification)
It (the course) surpasses my expectations. The instructors were very knowledgeable and the real-life scenarios, along with their life experience (previous cases) allowed me to somewhat put a strategy in my mind together of how I would proceed in the future. Instructors were creative, effective, Invested, knowledgeable and funny ... they seemed to enjoy sharing their knowledge and the funny content only made it better.”
Police Officer
5 out of 5 stars! The course was well planned and executed. Instructors were knowledgeable and were able to communicate information in a enjoyable and interesting way. Training was good and instructors were knowledgable... I loved the scenario based questions...
Police Officer
9/10 - I would recommend this course for a new investigator or detective. Due to me being a new investigator, I benefited greatly.

(Homicide and Death Investigations)
Yes. (this course was) Obviously made by cops for cops, great class! The instructors were 10/10. I'd rate the Homicide & Death Investigations Course 100% - Good Job Guys!
Police Officer

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