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Flexible police training options,
online or in-person.

We are revolutionizing the way law enforcement training is done.

Training Your Way

Enroll online for on-demand training on your schedule or choose to attend hosted in person training designed specifically for your law enforcement agency.

Patrol Room Humor

Having fun while learning is the basis of our police training. Our instructors use visuals, activities and patrol room humor to keep you engaged in the training material.

Built for Cops by Cops

We believe that better training leads to better officers, so our mission is to provide police with the best tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers.

Police Officer
Police OfficerSan Bernanado Police Department, CA
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"The course was absolutely very easy to understand and I felt it was good that it was instructed in chronological order. It really helped me to understand the different stages of a death and different clues to look for."
Homicide Detective
Homicide DetectiveVirginia Beach Police Department, VA
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"I learned a lot during the wounds portion. My report writing will be more informative with what I learned. Also looking at wounds different now. Things have definitely changed for me since the class. Thank you!!!!!"
Police Officer
Police OfficerGross Point Farms Police Department, MI
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"Five out of five. Ten out of ten. Full points. I thought that the instructors were both very knowledgeable and entertaining. Both qualities are crucial to keeping students interested while contributing to one’s learning/retention of the material. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues!"

Training by assignment

Course Catalog

When it comes to choosing a training course, it’s important to consider your specific assignment and responsibilities. Whether you’re in law enforcement or a related field, choosing a training course that’s tailored to your assignment can help you stay prepared and confident in the face of real-world challenges. 

Take the first step towards preparedness and confidence by selecting a training course tailored to your assignment today.

Sheriff's Investigator
Sheriff's InvestigatorElko County Sheriff's Office, NV
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"10/10.This is one of the better classes that I’ve taken in law enforcement. Most classes you can daydream through but I felt this class was put together well. Both of the instructors made it feel like they spoke to me and not at me."

Full Course Catalog

All of our courses in one place.
Police Officer
Police OfficerMarrysville Police Department, WA
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"This class had great examples and also great discussion. Definitely learned so much and I believe this class would help any officer with further investigation. It gives good perspective on how to dig deeper into these crimes."

state-of-the-art training

Investigator Certification

We offer a wide range of law enforcement certification courses that cater to diverse skill levels and interests. Our investigation certification is designed to provide learners with distinct and specialized learning tracks, giving them the opportunity to focus on a particular area of interest and hone their skills accordingly.

With our flexible training options, you can select a course that fits your learning style, schedule, and career objectives. Choose from our four law enforcement certification courses, and specialize your skill set to meet the unique demands of your job.

Special Victims Investigator

An intensive 114 hours covering all the major investigations including Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Strangulation, Interview & Interrogation and Crime Scene Photography.

Sexual Assault Investigator

74 hours of training in the investigations of Sex Crimes, Interview & Interrogation and Crime Scene Photography.

Death & Homicide Investigator

82 hours covering Death & Homicide Investigations, Interview & Interrogation and Crime scene Photography.

Interpersonal Violence

66 hours of training investigating Domestic Violence, Strangulation as well as Interview & Interrogation and Crime Scene Photography.

Feedback from other Cops

Feedback from other Cops

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