About Revelations Training & Investigations

Revelations Training and Investigations (RTI) was developed in 2019 by James O’Gorman and Jayme Dozier after several years of growing frustration and concern with the constraints of law enforcement training.

Training is essential for all law enforcement to regularly attend in order to remain up to date and knowledgable within the profession (not to mention to remain certified). In-person trainings were often very informative and provided new information because laws, technology and methods of investigation are constantly changing. However, we found it difficult to obtain the necessary approval and funds to attend trainings with any regularity.

POST Certified Instructors

The training is the same instruction you would get from in person trainings.

Antime / Anywhere You Want

Doable anywhere you with an internet connection on your own schedule.

Quality Assurance

Quizzes, tests and scenarios ensure students retain concepts & instruction.

Modern and Up-to-Date

Course material is updated as laws and best practices change.

The Team






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