Quick Law Enforcement Training

This training is designed to be done in under 2-hours and is perfect for the busy investigator of patrol officer. 


Advanced Vehicle Searches Webinar

As you know, vehicle searches are an every day occurrence on patrol. These searches can include anything from looking for specific objects or materials within a car, to examining the car's engine and interior. There are many considerations that law enforcement must take into account when conducting an advanced vehicle search, including the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.


Autoerotic Death & Suicide Investigations

This course is designed to teach officers to recognize and investigate a wide variety of death scenes involving the use of sexual aids and erotic asphyxiation.

Bloodstain Pattern Awareness

Bloodstain Pattern Awareness

This course is designed to help you become familiar with bloodstain pattern analysis. You will learn how to look for and interpret common bloodstain patterns, and how this knowledge can be used in forensic investigations. The course will also cover the basics of bloodstain pattern analysis, including the factors that affect bloodstain patterns and the methods used to examine them.

Digital Crime Scene Photography

Crime Scene Photography for Patrol

Crime Scene Photography for Patrol will help you take better photos at crime scenes, improving your evidence collection process. The online course is easy to use and helps you understand how to capture the right images, no matter what the situation.

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Death and Decomposition for the First Responder

This is a stand alone training course that provides information on the stages of death. This class is designed for patrol officers, deputies, detectives, investigators, crime scene personnel, first responders who may respond to the scene of the crime, and other professionals involved in the investigation of death.

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Initial Death Scene Response for the Street Cop

This online training course is perfect for street cops who want to be better prepared for responding to death scenes. The course covers the basics of death scene investigation, the 4th Amendment and more.


Leadership Development for Law Enforcement

A good leader is essential to the success of any organization. The Leadership Development for Law Enforcement online leadership training program provides the skills and tools necessary to lead with confidence and competence. This interactive course is designed to help participants develop a clear understanding of their own leadership style, identify the qualities of an effective leader, and learn how to motivate and inspire others.

Patrol Response to Child Death

Patrol Response to Child Death Scenes

This online law enforcement training offers clear guidance on how to effectively deal with child death scenes, from assessing the situation to communicating with distraught family members. With this course, you can rest assured that you're providing your officers with the best possible training for these difficult situations.

Injury Identification

Wound Identification for the First Responder

When it comes to quickly and accurately identifying the cause of wounds at a death scene, nothing is more important than having the right knowledge and tools. That's why our wound identification course is such a valuable resource for first responders. It includes accurate and up to date information necessary to make an accurate determination of wounds found during a death investigation. 


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