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Crime Scene Photography for Patrol


Crime Scene Photography for Patrol

Crime Scene Photography for Patrol Stats

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Course Overview

Our crime scene photography training is unlike any other law enforcement photography training out there. This course is designed with the first responder in mind. We know you are busy on scene and have enough to worry about. Capturing digital evidence shouldn’t be one of those worries.

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Additional Info

This course will cover the following:
  • An introduction to digital photography
  • the iPhone camera, its strengths and limitations and settings
  • Types of light
  • Exposure, aperture, ISO and shutter speed
  • Focus and compisition
  • Hight Dynamic Range (HDR), panoramas, close-up vs. macro photography
  • Advanced photography conditions
  • Evidentiary shooting: objects and injuries
  • And more…
This is a dynamic law enforcement training course great for the patrol officer, detectives and investigators. The student will participate in the course by shooting photos along with the instructor and provide photographic feedback which will enhance your criminal justice skillset. Enroll today.

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