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It's not the same training you always Get.

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We are a group of active police officers who are revolutionizing the way police training is conducted. We’re tired of the same boring lectures and slide shows, so we’ve developed an innovative, engaging platform for learning both in person and online. We believe you will benefit from our training so much we guarantee it. 

We believe that better training leads to better officers, so our mission is to provide police with the best tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers.

Interview & Interrogation for Law Enforcement
Interview & Interrogation for Law Enforcement
San Bernardino Police Department, CA
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10/10 amazing class! Absolutely have recommended this to all my co workers. Absolutely, gave me a new perspective on how to interview , I think most of us realized there’s better ways to interview we just needed to be pointed in the right direction
Homicide & Death Investigations for Law Enforcement
Leeesburg Police Department, AL
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Both instructors appear to be very knowledgeable.

I would recommend this course for a new investigator or detective. Due to me being a new investigator, I benefited greatly.
Rapport Building for Law Enforcement
Rapport Building for Law Enforcement
Richland County Coroner's Office
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10/10. As a deputy coroner we do not do much rapport building. However, I see how it can be helpful when interacting with grieving families. I learned a lot on how to interact with individuals on scene.
Crime Scene Photography for Patrol
Crime Scene Photography for Patrol
Town of Culpeper Police Department, VA
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You could tell by the way the instructor wrote out the lesson that he was excited about the course material.
Leadership Development for Law Enforcement
Leadership Development for Law Enforcement
Clark County Office of Pubic Safety, NV
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I thought the course had a lot of very good leadership information. I absolutely loved the example of the Administrator who lead by example by picking up a saw and going to work alongside his line personnel! Very inspiring.
Sex Crimes Investigations for Law Enfocement
Sex Crimes Investigations for Law Enfocement
Elko County Sheriff's Office, NV
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10/10. Both of the instructors made it feel like they spoke to me and not at me.

This is one of the better classes that I’ve taken in law enforcement. Most classes you can daydream through but I felt this class was put together well.
Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations
Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations
Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department, OH
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10/10! (This course...) showed me several aspects I previously would have overlooked in my investigations.
Consensual Contacts for the Street Cop
Consensual Contacts for the Street Cop
Boise Police Department, ID
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The course was great!

There were a couple points related to making consensual contacts at a residence that were new ideas to me.
Child Death Investigations
Child Death Investigations
Waukesha County Sheriff Department
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Definitely increased my knowledge. Having responded to infant death investigations in the past, this was not only a good refresher for investigation but also helped me understand other questions/background information to ask.

Prove Your Professionalism as a

Certified Investigaor

Proving your commitment to professionalism easily makes you stand out among the competition. Having an investigation certification from Revelations Training on your resume gives your department, prosecutor and juries confidence that you have exceeded the minimum qualifications to handle investigations properly and efficiently. 

We offer four unique law enforcement certification courses of study so no matter which discipline you are interested in, we’ve got you covered.

This is why we are different.

Having fun while learning is the basis of our police training. Our instructors use visuals, activities and patrol room humor to keep you engaged in the training material which will have you trained up faster than ever before. 

Exceptional Delivery

We also provide scientifically backed methods designed to help make your job easier by teaching practical skills that are applicable in the real world. With our police training program, you can trust that your knowledge gaps are just a few hours away from being filled in!

Core Curriculum
Over 28 Courses Covering 200 Training Hours
Patrol and Major Specialties
Patrol, Sex Crimes, Homicide, Special Victims, Interview
Country Wide
We've Trained Cops in Nearly Every State


Lead Trainer & BPA Expert Witness

Jayme Dozier

Not only is he an excellent investigator and comedic genius, Jayme designs our outstanding training curriculum and is an Interview & Interrogation instructor, FAA certified sUAS operator and he’s also 1 of 64 certified through the International Association of Identification.

Lead Trainer

James O'Gorman

Jim is another comedic guru who brings a full life of law enforcement experience investigating everything from street crimes to child death in both major metropolitan and suburban areas. Along with Jayme, he a holds local law enforcement leadership role. Jim is a certified investigator and hostage negotiator as well as an Interview & Interrogation Instructor.

Lead Trainer

Aaron Rosen

Aaron is our expert crime scene and police photographer, leadership authority, FAA certified drone operator and overall tech guy. He’s an active special victims investigator and has both EMS and Emergency Management experience as well. 

important things

Yes and no. If you are easily offended then we may have some factual information and jokes which you may or may not like.

We’re cops, we use real world street language to teach effectively. There isn’t training like this anywhere else (we’ve looked).

Nope. All course materials are provided. All you need is an internet connection and a positive attitude. 

You have access to the training for life and that includes all new and future updates to the course so you can stay on top of your game. 


You’re never too old to learn and never too young to start. We guarantee you will learn in any of our training courses.

We offer investigative certification in several different subjects:

  • Certified Homicide Investigator
  • Certified Special Victims Investigator
  • Certified Interpersonal Violence Investigator
  • Certified Sex Crimes Investigator

Click here for more info on our certifications.

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