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Our classes are priced with cost effectiveness in mind. You get the same quality of instruction, at a significantly reduce cost per student. You’ll save by reducing expense of travel, per diem, fuel, and salary to go to in-person classes. Most agencies can save over $1,000 (for more in-depth classes) per student, per class and still receive cutting edge law enforcement training. 

When you add up cost for travel, hotels, per diems and class registration fees, in person learning is far more expensive. For the same quality of training, you can register more students for more classes with RTI. This will allow more of your personnel to be trained in the topics we cover.

By allowing more staff to receive cutting edge law enforcement training., such as patrol officers, they will understand what detectives and other specialized units will be looking; regarding evidence, when to call out the proper resources, how many resources are available at any given time, understanding cases that may have been overlooked, and leading to missed crimes because they didn’t know that the information is critical.

In Person Classes can cost up to $1,500 per student. We help you train more staff for less.

Need More Convincing?

The current climate is not always conducive to travel with localities in various stages of COVID-19. Add in budgetary constraints, travel restrictions and personal scheduling and local training courses are much harder to do. Revelations Training and Investigations offers 100% online courses which are up to date with current law enforcement best practices and case law. 

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