Domestic Violence Police Investigations Training

Domestic Violence Police Investigation Training Courses provide law enforcement personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively investigate cases of domestic violence.


Advanced Rapport Building

Learn advanced rapport building techniques for law enforcement. This course will teach you the skills to build trust, gain cooperation, and get confessions.

Digital Crime Scene Photography

Crime Scene Photography for Patrol

Crime Scene Photography for Patrol will help you take better photos at crime scenes, improving your evidence collection process. The online course is easy to use and helps you understand how to capture the right images, no matter what the situation.

Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations

Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations

Domestic Violence criminal investigation training is always evolving for the law enforcement first responder. Our online law enforcement training course is designed for patrol officers, detectives and investigators of all skill levels.

Interview & Interrogation

Interview & Interrogation for Law Enforcement

If you're a law enforcement professional, learning how to effectively interview suspects, victims and witnesses is essential. This course will show you how to get the most information from each interview, while maintaining the suspect's rights.


Rapport Building for Law Enforcement

Rapport Building for Law Enforcement is the perfect way to learn how to build better relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and especially the public. Our online rapport building training provides real-world scenarios and interactive exercises that give you the skills you need to be successful.

crop man touching neck of helpless woman

Strangulation Investigations

Strangulation is lethal. It is utilized by the most dangerous partners and increase the danger for anyone who comes in contact with these suspects. Unfortunately, training has been lacking in the past and police officers have been investigating cases without all the tools necessary to make the proper decisions.


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