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Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations


Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations

Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations Stats

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Course Overview

Our online police domestic violence training teaches officers how to properly investigate and document domestic violence cases. The course is designed to provide comprehensive instruction on the dynamics of domestic violence, investigative techniques, and best practices for victim safety. In this course you will learn:
  • Domestic Violence: history, types and statistics
  • Effects, signs and contributing factors of Domestic Violence
  • The Domestic Violence 911 call
  • Stalking investigations
  • Victim and suspect interviews
  • Rapport building
  • Advanced photography conditions
  • Psychology of Domestic Violence
  • And more…
Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations contains in depth case studies, scenarios and interactive content as well as a domestic violence investigative aid / checklist. You won’t get this level of training anywhere else.

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Additional Info

Proper domestic violence investigation training is critical for street cops because it enables them to effectively respond to and investigate cases of domestic violence. Having proper training can make a significant difference in the outcome of domestic violence cases. Well-trained officers can accurately assess the situation, gather relevant evidence, and conduct effective interviews with both victims and suspects.

This training provides officers with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle these sensitive and sometimes complex cases in a professional and compassionate manner, while also ensuring the information learned is rooted in best practices and procedures. 
As a well-trained officer, you are better equipped to identify more subtle signs of domestic violence, interview victims and witnesses, gather evidence, and make informed decisions about safety and risk.

This can lead to better outcomes for victims, including increased safety and support, and stronger cases for prosecution.

Our training also helps officers to avoid common pitfalls in domestic violence investigations, such as re-victimizing the survivor, jumping to conclusions, or failing to gather essential evidence. This can lead to more accurate and effective investigations and ultimately help to reduce the incidence of domestic violence.

For these reasons, it is essential that street cops receive proper domestic violence investigations training, as it can greatly impact the outcome of cases and the well-being of those affected by domestic violence.

Street cops like you are often the first point of contact for victims, playing a crucial role in ensuring that investigations are conducted in a professional and thorough manner.

Get equipped with the tools you need to effectively respond to and investigate incidents of domestic violence, leading to better outcomes for victims and ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable for their crimes and enroll today.

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