Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations


Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations

Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations Stats

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Online police domestic violence training teaches officers how to properly investigate and document domestic violence cases. The course is designed to provide comprehensive instruction on the dynamics of domestic violence, investigative techniques, and best practices for victim safety.

Course Preview

In this course you will learn:
  • Domestic Violence: history, types and statistics
  • Effects, signs and contributing factors of┬áDomestic Violence
  • The Domestic Violence 911 call
  • Stalking investigations
  • Victim and suspect interviews
  • Rapport building
  • Advanced photography conditions
  • Psychology of Domestic Violence
  • And more…
Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations contains in depth case studies, scenarios and interactive content as well as a domestic violence investigative aid / checklist. You won’t get this level of training anywhere else.
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