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Child Abuse & Neglect for the Criminal Investigator


Child Abuse & Neglect for the Criminal Investigator

Child Abuse & Neglect for the Criminal Investigator Stats

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Course Overview

Our child abuse and neglect criminal investigation training will help the patrol officer and experienced law enforcement investigator to handle cases involving child abuse effectively and thoughtfully. Through this training, officers will gain a better understanding of the complexities and nuances of child abuse cases, which are often unlike any other type of criminal investigation.

This course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively investigate cases of child abuse and neglect. The course focuses on developing an understanding of the types of child abuse and neglect, the dynamics of the family and the perpetrator, and the impact of the investigation on the victim and the family.

The course contains in depth case studies, scenarios, and interactive content as well as a child abuse and neglect investigative aid / checklist.

In this course you will learn about:
  • Child Abuse: history, background and case studies
  • Initial response and investigation
  • Burns and scalds, including contact and immersion burns
  • Signs of caregiver abuse
  • Physical Child Abuse: signs and symptoms
  • Child Sexual Abuse: signs and symptoms
  • Child Neglect: signs and symptoms

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A key aspect of child abuse investigations is that they require a sensitive and empathetic approach, given that children are victims or revictimized. At the conclusion of this specialized training, you will be better equipped to interact with child victims in a way that is supportive, non-threatening, and respectful of their needs and rights while building a solid case.

Our child abuse criminal investigation training will help officers to understand the various forms that child abuse can take, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. This knowledge will assist in properly identifying and collecting evidence, as well as making informed decisions about how to handle the case and ensure the victims needs are met.

During the child abuse criminal investigation training, we will also cover working with other agencies and organizations to maximize the effectiveness of your investigation. Officers will learn how to collaborate with child protection services, medical examiners, social workers, victim witness coordinators and other law enforcement agencies to provide comprehensive and effective support to child victims and their families.

This child abuse criminal investigation training will help you increase and maintain a high level of professionalism in the field by staying up to date with the latest best practices, case law, and investigative procedures.

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