Homicide and Death Investigations for Law Enforcement

This is an intense, information dense investigative training course that will provide all the necessary information to properly investigate deaths. This class is designed for patrol officers, deputies, detectives, investigators, crime scene personnel, first responders who may respond to the scene of the crime, and other professionals involved in the investigation of death.
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In this course you will learn:
  • Why a proper death investigation is important
  • Case Law
  • Types of Death
  • Homicide Victim Assessment
  • Wounds and Injuries
  • Evidence Collection & Handeling
  • Child and Adult Deaths
  • Accidents, Suicides and Homicides
  • Psychology of Murder
  • Bloodstain and Blood Pattern Analysis
  • And more…
Death Investigations for Law Enforcement contains in depth case studies, scenarios and interactive content as well as a death investigative aid / checklist. This is one of our most comprehensive courses as the level of importance in proper death scene processing cannot be overstated. This course will help move your cases through the criminal justice system and obtain suspect convictions. You won’t get this level of training anywhere else.
This Course Includes:
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