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Advanced Vehicle Searches Webinar


Advanced Vehicle Searches Webinar

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Course Overview

As you know, vehicle searches are an every day occurrence on patrol. These searches can include anything from looking for specific objects or materials within a car, to examining the car’s engine and interior. There are many considerations that we as law enforcement must take into account when conducting a vehicle search. During this 2-hour webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • Legal aspects of vehicle searches: We will cover the laws that govern vehicle searches, including search warrant requirements, probable cause, and the Fourth Amendment.
  • Search techniques: The webinar will cover search incident to arrest, inventory search and community care taking stops as well as go over DUI checkpoints and the detention and identification of occupants in the vehicle
  • Identification of hiding spots: we’ll cover common hiding spots in vehicles, such as in the engine compartment, under the seats, and in the trunk, and how to properly search these areas and some other neat spots often overlooked.
  • Use of technology: the use of technology in vehicle searches as well as topically covering legal and ethical considerations of using these technologies.
  • Handling and preservation of evidence: in this webinar we provide guidance on how to properly handle and preserve evidence found during a vehicle search. This will cover properly document the location, quantity, and condition of the evidence and how it was obtained.
  • Safety precautions: safety is not second. The importance of safety during a vehicle search cannot be understated. Safety considerations include, environmental factors and the surrounding area, traffic flow, handling weapons, drugs, and hazardous materials.

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Remember, knowing what to look for during a vehicle search is important because it can help you determine whether there are any potential safety hazards or signs of criminal activity. We do this often and you may be overlooking some critical factors. By conducting a thorough search, you can potentially identify contraband, including illegal drugs or weapons hidden by a prohibited possessor that may be present in the vehicle. Obviously these items could be dangerous to you or others and are viable pieces of evidence.

Nobody likes making case law and It’s equally important to know what to look for during a vehicle search from a legal standpoint. Law enforcement officers must follow specific guidelines when conducting a search, and knowing what to look for can help ensure that the search is conducted within the bounds of the law and that any evidence found is admissible in court. We’ll cover that and then some in this energetic 2-hour webinar.

We also cover why it’s important to have a systematic approach when conducting a vehicle search and to pay attention to any obvious or hidden areas that could contain evidence or pose a threat. By increasing your knowledge about what to look for, you can help ensure the safety of everyone involved and make the most of the opportunity to uncover any potential criminal activity or safety hazards.

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