Consensual Street Contacts for Patrol

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Investigations can be approached in many different ways, and no one way is guaranteed to work for every case. Even if the crime is the same, sometimes consensual contacts are the best option, but are often utilized as a last resort when probable cause or reasonable suspicion have not been developed.

No doubt, consensual contacts on the street, knock and talks with a cold approach are much more difficult than other types of encounters. They require one to approach a subject much differently than what is often taught in standard interview and interrogation classes. While consensual encounters are often used in drug investigations, they can and should be utilized in all forms of criminal investigations. This webinar is designed to give you an brief overview of:

This webinar was done live June 6th,. 2022 but is still available to register and watch anytime.

Topics Covered

What we will Cover?

Learn how to succeed in some of the toughest interview scenarios you'll encounter.

Consensual Encounters

What questions to ask, and how to get the most out of your conversations.

Knock & Talk

Effective and can be done by anyone that is proactive and has a plan.

Case Law

Learn the latest case law to keep you out of trouble and out of court.

Your Hosts

Jayme Dozier & Jim O'Gorman

The creators of Revelations Training Investigations bring vast, hard earned experience and have worked for Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies large and small.

40+ Years Combined LE Experience

Working Cops w/ Leadership Roles

Investigations and Major Crimes


What Are People Saying?

Don't just take our word for it. We've trained officers from all over the country.

It gave me some ideas how to start a conversation in an awkward situations and learned some new ways to relate to suspects and witnesses who are not that eager to talk with police.

Police Officer

The instructors were great! They were very easy to understand, knew the topic and I liked how they were “down to earth”. Not once was I bored in this class.

Police Officer

5/5. Excellent, Engaging, and Funny. The jokes and real life examples kept me engaged.I used the information I learned within 36 hours.

Police Officer

I was interested to see how this particular topic would be presented. I have not seen many courses that specifically discuss consensual encounters.

Sheriff's Deputy
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