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    Child Abuse & Neglect

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    This course is designed to look at all aspects of child abuse. This class will provide you the knowledge to look at child abuse holistically and to put together a more solid, well rounded, and prosecution worthy case which will ultimately protect the most vulnerable people, the children.  

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    Domestic Violence

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    This class will discuss not only the current state of domestic violence, but also how it was handled in the past, and advances in investigations of domestic violence. This class will discuss stocking behavior, strangulation, physical abuse, report writing, injury dynamics, and much more. 

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    Rapport Building

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    This class will explain the research, shows the different avenues for rapport building, and give tips and tricks for building rapport.

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    Sex Crimes

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    This training is designed for initial responses by the uniformed officer as well as follow-up investigations and will give you skills and knowledge that help you understand the culture of sexual assault, issues and how to combat various defenses by perpetrators, trauma informed interviewing, suspect interview methods, report writing, and courtroom skills.

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